Website update


I’ve spent the last few days working on a few things for this site. Most significantly, I switched from running it on static HTML pages to WordPress, so that I can have a dedicated blog that’s easy to manage. There was a lot of fiddling involved to get it looking like the original version but it all worked out. Since I’d already done the same for my sister’s website, it wasn’t hard to find the things that needed tweaking.

Additionally, my webcomics themselves are getting a back-end overhaul. They run off of a different system, and when I made the CSS themes for them it was based off of a very detailed theme that I didn’t know enough about editing to tweak properly. The end result was very messy to read, but it looked good if you never saw the code.

I had a little time, so I’ve started the process of redoing all the code using a different, much simpler, theme as a starting point. They’ll be much easier to edit later on if I decide to change a color scheme or something. In fact, I’m already almost done cleaning up the Threads theme. Organization is fun!