Welcome to Monochrome Star

Welcome to Monochrome Star

This place houses stories of life, death, and magic. Take a walk through the worlds I've created, and stay as long as you'd like.


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If the room grows silent, monsters will appear. But if you can sing, you can keep them away.
Music is a type of magic, you see; as long as it plays, it will keep you safe.

This is the story of Natalie and James, two children trying to live quietly in such a world.


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False Faces

Updates Wednesdays

Monsters have been sighted around the city of Silys. They seem to come and go without a trace, even in the most crowded spaces. The Anomalous Division of the Silys Investigation Department have sent Adriel and Isari to investigate. Isari has a unique ability that may assist in their search: he can steal faces and slip into the space beyond the walls.

Even with their magic, this pair may have been assigned more than they can handle.


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On Hiatus

A chance meeting with a young mage leads to Miles's death. When the mage, Keenan, tries to fix things, the situation only gets worse. Now, Miles keeps dying and no one knows what to do. Still, the world keeps turning, and the universe always tries to correct what's wrong.

Threads is a story about magic and mistakes. We do what we can and hope to make it out alive.