The new Monochrome Star


In what seems to be an annual tradition since it first launched, I've gone through and done some heavy remodeling of the website. For the past few months, I toyed with ideas for a redesign to freshen up the site's look. Two weeks ago, I finally settled down to work on bringing it to life.

I moved away from Wordpress completey to a different CMS, which meant manually copying over all of my journal entries once the design was set. Now the site is fully functional, with a revised store and two new pages: Prose and Gallery.

The Gallery is pretty straightforward: a page for showing off my favorite illustrations. I never set it up before because the Wordpress gallery functions were a pain to work with.

The Prose page is something that I've been thinking about lately and decided to roll with. While primarily a comic artist, I also like to write short stories but never had a place to properly collect them. Now, I do. Additions to the Prose page will be a bit scattered, but I hope for it to be something fun for you to look forward to when you visit my site.