Progress Report 9: project status updates


Laana Maji will launch on October 18.
Fear Without A Name is discontinued.
My Resident Ghost now updates on Mondays.
A new short story is in the works.


September was really something. Because of Hurricane Irma, my house lost power for three days and was without water for a week in total. During that time, one of my cats was recovering from an infection. It made for a rather eventful start of the month, but also kept me from doing as much as I wanted. Despite that, I was able to complete a good amount while putting the house back together.

As the month waned, however, I came to a painful realization regarding Fear Without A Name: the story isn’t working for me. I don’t know where the problem lies, exactly, so I am setting this comic aside for the time being. Instead, I’m going to work on a different short story (more details coming later). When the new story is finished, I’ll go back and reevaluate Fear to see if it can be reworked into something better.

I’ve been doing some light website fiddling but the new look for my vertical theme (in use primarily for my short stories) isn’t finished yet.

What’s next

Laana Maji is on track for its October 18 launch. The website is all set to go. I have some work to do on the next short story before the full announcement can be made, but it’s definitely something to look forward to.

If you like my stories and want to support them, you can do so on Patreon. Patrons see all the pages as they’re finished.

See you next time.