Progress Report 27: a 2021 review


After the hazy dream that was 2020, last year became a turning point in a number of ways. A fair amount of time was dedicated to conventions, and much more by my new job.


In January, as I recovered from my bout of COVID-19, I eased my way back into working on my projects. Progress was slow due to lingering fatigue, but over the next few months I was able to update my website. I also resumed my day job in February, though it meant not having as much free time. It was a rough start to the year that also included some car problems. By March, my health managed to return to normal. I got a new desk to work from and started making my convention plans. In between that and work, April through June went by with alarming speed. By the time MetroCon began in July, I still felt like it was only May.

MetroCon was a remarkably successful convention, but afterwards I had to jump right into preparations for OmniExpo in August. Once that wrapped up, I spent a lot of my free time in September working on a new book display for my tables, as well as some hourglass print and keychain designs. In October, I went to Fantasm. Thinking about it now, barely three months after it, it feels so long ago. The end of the year was packed with holidays, work events, and trying to balance family time with my increasingly ambitious projects.

I think I need to approach this new year a little more diligently if I want to get everything done properly. My schedule has been too messy for too long.

What’s next

False Faces Chapter 2 is almost finished. The next chapter is being planned.

Threads Chapter 7, having lived on the backburner for over a year, is almost finished. The next chapter is being planned.


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