Progress Report 25: projects, new and old


False Faces Chapter 1 is fully drawn. Chapter 2 is in progress.


The beginning of this year has been busy for my daily life; daily life picked back up while I've been dragging myself out of the post-COVID fatigue. It was painfully slow going in the art department, but the last two months did see me finish the first chapter of False Faces. I also had a new logo made started making plans to change a few things regarding the site layout (again). I'm very fond of the sidebar that my comic sites use and want that on the main site, though that is still a ways out. I have a few other things that take priority.

In February, a new work opportunity arose and I now have a new day job. This was good for me. Unfortunately, I lost a few days to dealing with car troubles. They've all been resolved and work progressed only slightly behind schedule. While I planned to get pages for Threads posting again, that has to wait a bit while I work out my new schedule. It's going a lot more smoothly now that some lingering problems are fading away. Physically, I'm not back to 100%, but I'm a lot better off than I was at the start of the year.

I've started work on the next chapter of False Faces in addition to my new day job's projects. There's quite a bit to plan for but that's a good thing. Here's hoping that I don't have anything else come up for a little while, so I can actually enjoy having a job for a while.

What’s next

Threads has been postponed a few more weeks.

False Faces Chapter 2 is in progress.



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