Progress Report 24: stranger times


A lot has changed since April. I don't think anyone expected the COVID-19 situation to last as long as it did, but here we are. I'm still at home instead of working, still trying to do what I can despite how my life was shaken up. It's funny how, once you have time, various other problems show up to fill it. Many of my home life issues resulted in many changes to my comic plans for the year. Some of the things that happened, like Threads going on hiatus again in May, were not planned for. Others, like starting up False Faces in September, were planned well in advance. Admittedly, False Faces is a part of why Threads stopped updating, because I ended up focusing solely on it for far longer than expected. Between that and the pandemic, Laana Maji had to be put on hold. I'm very upset about that.

After spending most of the year at home, all of the days have blurred together in a haze of stress and computer screens. My cats have never been happier, since they love being around people, but I miss going to conventions. All of my conventions for this year ended up cancelling because of the pandemic. I kept my tables for next year, assuming the best case scenario happens, but it added to the pile of unfortunate events of this year. Another of the unfortunate events is that, last month, I actually caught COVID-19 after a visit to my grandmother. As it turns out, the bar she goes to became a hotspot for infections. Fortunately, she recovered within a week. I, on the other hand, spent ten days with a terrible fever and it took until the end of November for me to fully recover. I wasn't able to do anything. I'm still trying to get my strength back after not being able to exercise.

Not all was bad, of course. I was able to buy a new computer in May, which has been a great boon. This one can properly handle all of Clip Studio's features, instead of lagging when I use certain tools. My old machine lasted me several years and I appreciate it, but upgrading was absolutely wonderful.

There are many things that I want to do now, but the lingering uncertainty of what next year brings makes it hard to decide what I should prioritize. Still, I'll do what I can. I have big plans for next year and there's much to set up before this year ends.