Progress Report 22: a 2019 review


As per tradition, the new year begins with a look back at the last. I completely dropped the ball on my monthly reports last year, so a lot that happened went undocumented on the website, but I'll go over it here.


In January, I started working on a oneshot. I worked on it very single-mindedly, thinking it could be finished fairly quickly, and set my longer projects aside throughout February as well. I finished it in early March, but didn't post it yet. Before posting it, I wanted to finish a new website template that would become the standard layout for my comic sites. However, I wasn't able to work on the site until later in the year. I also went to Omni Expo, a small convention that I never did a write-up for.

From March to June, I worked to finish more pages for Threads, but my work was touch-and-go throughout the year. From July through November, I wasn't able to finish any pages, so all of my projects remained on hiatus. However, in November, my new website template was completed. With that weight lifted off of me, I finished drawing Threads Chapter 6.

With some long-standing works completed, December arrived with renewed energy. That energy pulled me in to tidying up some other things that had sat around for too long. I decided to do an overhaul of Laana's look. The characters were lightly redesigned and I adjusted the coloring style to be truer to my original intent for the story. Since I was only a few pages into it when the project went on hiatus, the whole thing will be redrawn.

During all of this, My Resident Ghost remained on the backburner, simmering gently as I tried to clean up the projects scattered around me. There are some things that don't satisfy me about the story, but I'm going to work on it again soon.

What’s next

Threads Chapter 6 is finished. Chapter 7 has been written and is in the works.

A new oneshot, When Night Falls, has begun posting.

Laana Maji has been given a long-overdue restyle and will be restarting sometime soon.

My Resident Ghost is still on hiatus.

2019 was a much more difficult year than I expected it to be. For various personal reasons, I hit a deep funk. However, the new wave of energy that hit at the end will carry me into 2020.


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