Progress Report 19: three year anniversary


Monochrome Star is three years old.
Threads Chapter 6 is in progress.
Until the End has begun posting online.


June was entirely spent working on Until the End, and July wasn't much different. I ended up cutting my print deadline really close. It was incredibly stressful, but my fantastic printer was able to work with that deadline and get my printed copies just in time. And, once those books were in my hands, all of the worries and stress melted away. It's so beautiful and satisfying to see a new story completed. All of the hard work is worth it when you have the finished work in a tangible form.

Immediately after work on UtE wrapped up, I went to AFO, which is why this report is coming out a bit late. When all was said and done, I had to start the game of catch-up with other work and begin setting up the website for UtE. Now that's done and I'm ready to share my latest work online. There's still a lot that I need to do, but it's all moving steadily now.

Now, the title of this post addressed: Monochrome Star is now three years old. I started this site, and Threads, on August 12 of 2015. Design-wise and art-wise, my work has come a long way in three years. It's been a long road so far and I have even further to go, but I'm proud of my progress so far.

In honor of the time I've spent on this site and my current longest project, I drew Keenan.

Keenan, from Threads.

It's been a long day. It's been a long few years. Take a rest. I think we've all earned it.

All three of my other projects were put on hold during crunch time before the con, but I'm going to pick them all back up now, starting with Threads. I hope you like what's to come.

What’s next

Threads Chapter 6 will begin posting within a few weeks.


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