Progress Report 16: upcoming projects and chapters


My Resident Ghost will resume updates starting on May 7.
Threads chapter 6 is in progress.
A new one-shot is in progress.


In between getting MRGhost off of hiatus, much of April was spent on chapter planning. I've written and set up the next chapter of Threads, which will begin soon. Threads chapter 6 is something I've been looking forward to for a while, and writing it out was very satisfying. It's nice to see clearly the scenes that have played out in my head for so long.

I've also made headway on the oneshot project I've been talking about on-and-off for a while. The story is called Until the End, and it's 41 pages long. I intend to finish it in time for AFO. I don't yet know when I'll start releasing it online.

What’s next

Threads chapter 6 is coming up in mid-May.
I'll be at Anime Festival Orlando from August 3 - 5.


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