Progress Report 15: site update and other news


The home page has been updated
My Resident Ghost Chapter 2 in progress.


While I intended to finish MRGhost Chapter 2 and start posting pages last month, the website revision ended up taking the latter half of the month so I had to wait a bit longer to take it off of Hiatus. Still, I was able to get some of it done in between other stuff going on.

Early in the month, I actually went back to my home town for two days to table at a small event. A week later, I was accepted into AFO in August this year. While making arrangements for that, I started work on the website. Now that the website work is finished, it's back to comics.

What’s next

My Resident Ghost will resume updates soon (date undetermined).
I'll be at Anime Festival Orlando from August 3 - 5.

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