Progress Report 12: a 2017 review


To me, a year is both very long and very brief. On one hand, I feel like I fell asleep at the start of this year and woke up to find it had all passed me by. On the other hand, January 1 feels like a lifetime ago. With such a messy perception, it’s easy for me to lose track of what I’ve done and when things happened. That’s part of why I started writing Productivity Reports at the beginning of this year. The other reason is simply that I believe it’s good to reflect on what you’ve done. In the spirit of reflection, this report will cover the entire year.

This will be a long recap, but a good one. If you don’t look back once in a while, it’s easy to lose sight of where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.


January started off with a brief hiatus for Threads and Willow’s Tale while I redesigned the website. I also started Fear Without A Name and My Resident ghost during that month. It was a very busy time, in part because one of my cats got sick on New Year’s Eve. Her health ended up a recurring problem throughout the year.

February saw the start of a new front page for my site as Willow neared completion. I also joined a new chat group and made some friends there. In March, I finished reworking my websites and changed the name to Monochrome Star. Willow was completed and printed. Then, some physical issues put me on hiatus throughout April.

I spent most of May preparing for a convention (Anime Festival Orlando) in June. They sent me a last-minute acceptance notice which rushed my preparations. Once that was finished, I was able to get back to my regularly-scheduled updates. AFO was my first convention as a seller and it went very well for me. After the con, I caught a rather nasty cold and worked through that while building a site for Laana Maji.

In July, I finished the Laana site and started on the first chapter. There were also preparations for MetroCon at the beginning of August. MetroCon didn’t go as well, due in part to scheduling conflicts with another major convention. Still, it was a good experience. I spent the rest of August on my regular work.

Then came September, during which a storm knocked my house out of commission for a week. My cat, sick for the third time that year, was still recovering during that week. As the house was cleaned up and work resumed, I realized that Fear wasn’t working out. I decided to discontinue the story.

In October, I launched Laana as chapter 4 of Threads concluded. Plans for a new one-shot were made in the wake of Fear‘s cancellation. I also started November with a little experimental change in workflow. That experiment went well, and I’ve made the altered workflow my new standard. However, around mid-November, I had to start finding a new place to live. And so, we come to the end of December, where my moving date is set and my projects are on one final hiatus. Thankfully, that hiatus will end soon.

What’s next

Once I’ve settled into my new residence, I’m going to get back onto my regular projects. I’ve been sitting on a new short story ever since I dropped Fear, and I want to get a launch date for it. MRGhost chapter 2 is coming up soon, as well.

A new year, a new home. 2018 should be fun.

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