Progress Report 10: new chapter, new project


Laana Maji is live. It updates on Tuesdays.
A new story is in progress. Updates will come soon.


October was an incredibly productive month for me. I finished Chapter 4 of Threads and, even though I took a week off, I was able to build a page buffer for all of my comics. The week I took off was spent writing and thumbnailing Threads Chapter 5 and two short stories. The two short stories will be revealed after more work on them is done.

Thumbnails for Threads Chapter 5

I’ve decided to try a different workflow for Threads. If it works out well, I’m going to change how all of my comics are drawn. Up until now, I’ve thumnbnailed an entire chapter and drawn the pages two at a time until they’re completed. This time around, I’m going to try drawing the pages in batches, one stage at a time (all the sketches, then all the lines, and so on). If this workflow proves faster for me, then I may be able to update my comics more than once a week.

To compare speed, I’m going to see how much I can finish by the end of this month for Threads and My Resident Ghost. I’d love to be able to update more frequently.

What’s next

Threads Chapter 5 begins next week.
Two one-shots are in progress.

A gift for you:

A character from an upcoming one-shot.


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See you next time.