MetroCon 2022 Convention Summary


MetroCon: July 15-17, 2022


While there was plenty of time between MegaCon and MetroCon to fix up some display details and restock my merchandise, any event that takes me out of town tends to leave me scrambling a bit. Fortunately, I finished Monsters in time to get it shipped before the convention began. It arrived just in time.

Much like last year, MetroCon requested proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test when checking in. I set up my table and took a few minutes to look around before leaving. Around this time, I realized that a big part of my display had been left at home. My friend was able to drive it down to me that night, but it was a close call. That seemed to be a bit of a theme over the weekend, me arriving right on time or a little late. This was especially troubling when it came to finding a parking spot by the convention center.

Parking woes aside, the convention was great. Though I was on my own for the weekend, my neighbors were kind enough to watch my table when I took breaks. I was able to look around in the early mornings, before the doors opened, and found a lot of fun things to get for some friends. I don't normally buy much for myself; usually, my table helper likes to find gifts. This time, I wanted to get them things. I also found some art and pins to display on my wall.

As always, the MetroCon crowd was bustling with energy. The size of the crowd can't compare to MegaCon, but it's a level that I've come to find familiar. Some of the people in that crowd recognized me from previous events, and one person even had keychains that be bought from me last year on his backpack. Seeing this, hearing people say that they were hoping I'd be there again, is such a nice feeling. I hope that what I make can resonate with people.


Convention loot time!


Stickers from GhostPotion

Stickers from Ghostpotion. These went to a friend, who wants to put them on their computer tower.


Pins and keychains from Meaka

Pins and keychains from MeakerSneakers. A bunch of fun Kirby things for another friend, who loves the games. The keychain featuring Garry from Ib is mine.


Print from Anna Jano

Print from Anna Jano. This went to someone that has a fondness for atmospheric scenes.


Pins from HappimeSinome

Pins from HappimeSinome. The Kirby-loving friend and the one that got Ghostpotion's stickers were given one each.


Pins from Chocolate Raisin Fury

Pins from Chocolate Raisin Fury. The Corvus-themed pins are mine. The tiger was gifted to a friend.


Oneshot zine from JustMishy

A Oneshot fanzine bundle from JustMishy. I kept the zine and gave a few of the bonuses to the Kirby fan. Now he has to play the game.


Print and pins from Liminal Craft

Print and pins from Liminal Craft. The pins were given to two friends. The hourglass will join my hourglass designs on my wall.