Progress Report 8: Laana's launch date set


Laana Maji is set to launch on October 18.


MetroCon didn’t go very well for me, and after that weekend I had some catching up to do. It ended up not being as productive for my comics as desired. Still, progress was made, and I’m still on track for Laana. I’ve also slowly started designing my single-column website layout (the one used for MRGhost, Fear, and the others). I don’t have a set completion date because I’m currently doing website work for a couple other people, but it’s something else to look forward to.

What’s next

With Laana‘s impending launch and the other comics I have ongoing, as well as a lack of other engagements this month, it’s going to be a busy few weeks. I’m really excited for what’s coming up on the next chapter of Threads, and its current chapter is nearly finished. It feels like everything is coming together in these stories.

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See you next time.