MetroCon 2017 Convention Summary


MetroCon: August 3-6 2017


MetroCon is a four-day convention. The dealer hall opened later in the afternoon on Thursday, then in the mornings for the rest of the weekend. I was on my own for this convention, which was a little sad because it meant I couldn’t look around much. I only managed to get a brief look at the artist alley, and never made it to the vendors. Still, my table neighbors were pretty cool.
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AFO 2017 Convention Summary

Anime Festival Orlando: June 9-11 2017

While this wasn’t my first time tabling at a convention, it was my first time tabling alone with my own original works and my first time at this particular con.

I ended up rushing my preparation a bit; notice that I’d been accepted didn’t come until a month before the convention started and up to that point, I’d assumed my application was rejected. My plans were actually for everything to be ready by MetroCon in August. Still, I wanted to go, so three months’ worth of planning had to be shoved into one month. There wasn’t enough time for everything I wanted to do, but it worked out well enough despite the rush.

I don’t know why it took so long for my acceptance notice to come through, but at the convention itself everything went just fine. I checked in on Thursday, got my badges, and set up.

Table Set-up

Set-up day, Thursday night

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Productivity Report, 5th edition: online store, events, and my next project.


Now that Willow’s Tale is complete, I’ve officially opened the store page. You can get a printed copy of Willow’s Tale now. Soon, I also plan to have staple-bound copies of my one-shot, Monsters, available.

I’m confirmed for two conventions at the moment, and one of them is very soon:

Anime Festival Orlando
June 9 – 11

August 3 – 7

I’m hoping to get into MegaCon Tampa, as well. We’ll see how that goes.


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