Productivity Report, 13th edition: pulling ahead.


Threads Chapter 5 has been fully drawn and the comic is off of hiatus.
I have properly relocated.


After months of slowly dying, my tablet pen finally ceased to function at the beginning of January. Thankfully, I was able to buy a new one and now my work is going smoothly. I relocated on the 11th and settled in to the new place, and then it was back to working on my comics. By the end of the month, I finished drawing Chapter 5 of Threads.

Honestly, I’m so grateful to have this new tablet pen. Work is so much easier now that I have it. It’s amazing that I put up with the faulty pen for so long. Still, there’s a lot of catch-up to do so I’m holding off on new projects for a bit.

What’s next

My Resident Ghost chapter 2 is in progress.
The one-shots have been temporarily postponed while I work on the current comics.

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