Month: March 2017

Productivity Report, 4th edition: new URL and Willow’s Tale complete.

The first bit of news today: I’ve changed my website name to “Monochrome Star”. When I started this website over a year ago, I needed a name and more or less pulled it out of my ear. “Terminus Lucis” isn’t a bad name by any means, but it also wasn’t a perfect fit either. The change came rather suddenly to me, but when you find something perfect it can’t be helped, right?

I was looking at starting up a second website for other projects and chose “Monochrome Star”, but once I chose it I realized it was actually a perfect name for this website. For the time being, the Terminus URL will function as a mirror for Monochrome. It will most likely become my secondary website later on.

My other news of the day: Willow’s Tale is complete. The pages are all drawn, as are the print-exclusive extras. I’m looking at getting printed copies to sell soon.

As of the time of writing, there are still ten pages left to upload to the website, and they will continue to post on Tuesdays as scheduled.

A lot of life things came up these past few months, and I put my stories on hiatus (except for Willow) at the beginning of March. I’m currently planning another story and will work throughout April to rebuild my page buffer in case of more life happenings. Updates for Threads, Fear, and MRGhost will resume at the beginning of May. I don’t have a set release date for the next story, but it should be around mid-May to early June.

Patreon supporters will see the pages as they’re completed, so if you want to see the updates ahead of time, consider supporting me there.

See you next time.

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Website overhaul complete

I mentioned it before, but my initial idea for this site was for everything (the main site and the individual comic sites) to have the same color scheme and maybe one or two layouts. However, when I set up the site for Willow, I changed my mind about having one look for everything, and now I have a new color scheme (among other simple variations in design) for every story.

The color scheme and primary layout I initially used is actually the black-and-white layout for Fear Without A Name. With all the stories given a unique look, it felt odd for Fear to be the only one identical to the main site. That’s why I decided on a(nother) visual overhaul. The night sky has always felt magical and beautiful to me, so I settled on a night sky theme and created the background. I based my site colors on the most prominent shades in the image, with some faintly purple and blue tones for variation.

It’s taken a surprisingly long time to finish all of this site work. I technically started back in September last year, about 6 months ago. It’s odd. Those six months didn’t feel like a long time until I looked back.

Though it started in September, the update work didn’t really get moving until around the new year due to various life circumstances. I started rewriting the CSS for my comics in an easier-to-edit format and fixed up the designs to suit each of my comics. That took about a month to wrap up, which kind of makes me feel bad for taking so long to finish it.

Despite being much simpler by comparison, I didn’t get around to finishing the main site until about two days ago. I did, however, get everything finished up in the same day.

I’m really happy with how everything turned out. I do have one page to add to the main site, but the images needed for it are still in progress. However, I think it’ll be a very handy page, especially as I write more stories.

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