Month: February 2017

Productivity Report, 3rd edition: so close…

February is over and I am once again met with my failings: being unable to finish drawing the pages for Willow’s Tale being the biggest one. I have ten pages left to finish, which is great progress, but it’s still not finished. It’s really annoying how much of my time gets eaten up by things outside of my control. In fact, those beyond-my-control things have hindered all of my drawing efforts.

On the other hand, while drawing pages has been difficult to get to properly, I have managed to get more work done on other fronts. I’m about ready to give the website’s home page a fresh look. That should happen within the next month. I’m also working on adding a new page to the site. I just need a few images and then it’ll be ready to set up.

I’ve also started planning the next story to work on after Willow’s Tale is finished, since I’m so close to being done. The outline for the story is almost done and chapter planning can begin soon. I won’t start the next one immediately; it’ll probably start it in about two months, after Willow’s Tale is finished and I’ve had a chance to enjoy a lighter workload.

This year certainly hasn’t been off to an easy start for me. Two months in and it’s starting to feel a bit heavy, but things are looking up. A few of the bigger things that have been plaguing me are almost resolved.

To victory!

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